Can I drink energy drinks during pregnancy? Is it safe? | Pregnancy food test (2023)

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Many women feel tired during pregnancy, and exhaustion is particularly common in the first trimester. As possible, ask yourself whether it is certain to achieve your favorite energy drink during this time or whether this implies you or your baby risks.

Energy drinks for pregnant women are not recommended because they usually contain very high amounts of caffeine, sugar and other additives. Caffeine can be harmful in very high doses during pregnancy and eating a lot of sugar during pregnancy can lead to other health conditions such as diabetes.

In many countries, energy drinks are available that they are not suitable for pregnant caffeine women.

In this article, the reasons why energy drinks are in pregnancy and what they could do to increase their energy level should be unleashed.

Dealt with in this article:

What are the risks of drinking drinks when you are pregnant?

The main reason why pregnant women are instructed to avoid energy drinks is that they aregenerally illuminated as a dietary supplementary deportivalAnd contain a variety of ingredients that are not recommended during pregnancy.

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The greatest concern for drinking energy drinks during pregnancy isHigh amount of caffeine that they contain.Pregnant women should reduce caffeine consumption depending on the individual state guidelines to 200 mg-300 mg per day (source:Oms).

Depending on the brand,Some energy potions can contain up to 300 milligrams of caffeine from, Load -to or over the maximum caffeine that is only recommended in a drink (source:Science center).

Overdose of caffeine overdose by energy drinks is one of the most common problems observed in the emergency rooms in the United States (source:Public Health Magazine🇧🇷The people usually don't know how much caffeine these drinks contain.

If you really want an energy drink, you can check the label of food and comply with the lowest caffeine options. However, it is better to avoid them completely, since they also have other ingredients that can also be harmful in large quantities, such as.B. Sugar that are covered below:

Sugar and sweetener

Another reason to avoid energy potions when they are pregnantUsually rich in sugar or artificial sweetenersIt is likely that even a drink with "without sugar" or "zero calories" contains sweeteners.

An Irish study showed that some energy drinks can contain up to 17 teaspoons of sugar in a single can 500 ml and as much caffeine as two Express coffee photos (source: Source:SAFEFOOD EU).

Excessive sugar or sweeteners should be avoided during pregnancy, especially if you have a risk of diabetes (including pregnancy diabetes) or insulin resistance (source: Source:die).

Even if you have no diabetes, sugar content in Energy drinks can add many calories, and excessive weight gain during pregnancy can cause many complications (source:Mayonnaise -Klinik).

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Other ingredients and regulation

In many countries, energy drinks are not regulated in the same way as normal foods or drinks, and the manufacturers are calm to establish ingredients in the nutrition label.

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Many energy potions contain additional ingredients such as herbs orfruitExtracts or amino acids such as bullfighting. Scientific studies are limited in the safety of pregnancy of many of these additives.

What is more confusing is that some brands are classified as drinks instead of nutritional supplements and others:She fidj).

The law in the entire European Union is strictly, and every energy drink with high caffeine level should not only display caffeine content in the food label, but also prints a warning that the drink is"It is not recommended for pregnant women or babies"(Fuente:Nas).

This warning usually appears in drinks that are produced in the USA and elsewhere.

In summary, it is best to avoid energy drinks during pregnancy.Both frequent ingredients: caffeine and sugar/sweeteners are not advantageous for you or your baby and can be harmful in large quantities.

If you have taken an energy drink before recognizing, no panic is required because it was not determined that no unique ingredient is directly harmful to moderation, but it is best to limit or stop energy drinks during the duration of your pregnancy.

Brands of energy drinks during pregnancy

I know that it is good for pregnancy to have details, so there are some of the most popular energy drinks and how much caffeine and sugar they contain.

Watch thatNone of them are recommended during pregnancyAnd there is no "the best energy drink" for pregnant women because it is safer to get an energy pulse in other ways: some ideas and advice for this are then shown in this article.

Monster Energy (Original) 500ml Pode160 mgBitten
Red Bull (Original) 8,4 fl oz (250 ml)80mgHajj
VPX Bang! (Explosion) 16 fl oz (473 ml)300 mgNone, but suddenly contains the sweetener
V8 Energy 8 Fl oz Fray80mg10g
Rockstar Energy Original 16 fl oz lata (473 ml)160 mg62G
5 -houren Energia Tiro 1.93 FL OZ (57 ml)It is not stated. It is estimated that it is about 215 MNene, but contains sweetenersSucalosa

Fuentes:Monster, So,Red Bull, So,V8, So,Pop, So,Rockstar, So,Forbes

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Something to drink to get energy when it is pregnant

After reading this article, it is possible that it is understandably disappointed that it is not recommended to combat the tiredness of pregnancy by drinking energy drinks.

If you feel exhausted and apathetic during pregnancy, there are other ways to get an energy boost that is much better for you and your baby.

Another good advice is used, e.g.B. more naps or better exercise hygiene, but for the purposes of this article I will concentrate on drinks that can give an energetic boost because it was probably tried to see whether the energy drinks were correct.

Moisturizing- But it doesn't have to be bored.

Dehydration can accelerate your energy and become tired (source:Webmd))Ten drinks that you can enjoy when you are pregnant next to water.

Try to eat (or drink) complex proteins and carbohydrates- This minimizes every blood sugar peak that can later deliver a "shock" and can deliver as a tired result (source:Webmd).

Good options during pregnancy are milk or smoothies that contain bombarded nuts or seeds or other sources such as peanut butter (source:Harvard nutrition).

Choose lower sugar juices- If you want to drink juice for moisture during pregnancy, choose lower options for vegetable sugar, includingTomatoor carrot juice. Check the label to see or make your own sugar or aggregated sweeteners. Add the cellulator to increase itPhasesContent too.

Remember that extreme fatigue can be a sign of another problem during pregnancy, such as:B. anemia (lowEisenLevels). If you try a tired or if you are serious, it is advisable to consult your health service provider to ensure that there are no underlying problems (source:NHS).

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Can energy drinks influence a pregnancy test?

None of the ingredients frequently found in energy drinks can affect a pregnancy test directly.

However, pregnancy tests are based on a sufficient concentration of a hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

This hormone occurs in the embryo implementation and can be demonstrated about 12 to 14 days after conception in the urine. The most pregnancy tests at home provide a positive result after the hormone level is reached over 25 Miu/ml (source:die).

What does this have to do with energy drinks and pregnancy tests? The only way to influence an energy drink an energy drink is whether you drink a large can (e.g. one of the largest parts of 500 ml). Caffeine is diuretic and powerThey urinate more (source:PubMed).That iscanChange the HCG concentration in the urine.

In general, if you follow the test instructions correctly (implies usually the pregnancy test in the morning when HCG usually focuses on the urine), then thenThere are only a few ways that Energy drinks can affect a test.

If you suspect that you are pregnant but still receive negative evidence, it is a good idea to consult your doctor or medical provider.

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Can energy drinks cause birth?

Drinking a lot of caffeine during pregnancy can increase the previous birth risk (source:die🇧🇷 From this reason, caffeine, as in energy drinks, was encouraged as one of the methods to cause birth, althoughThere is no scientific evidence that caffeine or energy drinks can cause birth.

There are several myths and techniques that float over the Internet because they simply drink caffeine (such as energy drinks) or squats on a cup of hot coffee so that the work process in operation, but butNone of them are recommended to cause birthAnd can cause more damage than good.

If you try to induce delivery, it is better to leave your doctor or midwife. If you have concerns you have concerns, it is advisable to speak to you before trying home or without seeds to induce delivery.

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