Comcast Qualification Test | Preparation guide for 2022 (2023) (2023)

Comcast Qualification Test | Preparation guide for 2022 (2023) (1)

Last updated on October 4, 2022

If you are interested in applying for a position with Comcast Corporation (XFINITY), you will likely need to take a placement test. Proper preparation is important for successful test results.

In this article, we'll share everything you need to know about the Comcast application process, general interview questions, what to expect on the placement test, and how to prepare to land your dream job.

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About Comcast's hiring process

Comcast's hiring process consists of three main steps: the application process, Comcast's assessments, and the interview.

Each step can be broken down into more specific sections. We'll cover them in detail later in this article.

The online application process is simple and requires filling out an application form which will be reviewed. If you pass this step, move on to pre-employment assessments.

ANDassessmentsAcceptance depends on the position you applied for. After successfully passing the required aptitude tests, you can start the interview.

You are now one step closer to your dream job.

During the interview process, you may be interviewed over the phone or over the phoneVideo conference. If you are approved, you will be invited for a personal interview. If this interview goes well, you will have to pass a drug test and background check.

If you pass this last step, you will receive an offer letter to join Comcast.

The enrollment process

Create a candidate profile

To begin the Comcast application process, you must first confirm which position you are interested in. After making your decision, you must create a candidate profile and apply online for the desired position. Completing the application form takes approximately fifteen minutes.

The application form contains basic questions about your qualifications, background and relevant experience. You must also include your resume and cover letter with your application. Comcast allows you to apply for various positions with your candidate profile.

app rating

Comcast will review your application once you have successfully submitted all your details for your desired position.

You will be evaluated based on your overall experience, education and skills. Comcast will contact you when your candidate profile satisfactorily meets the specific job requirements.

Comcast Rating Tests

Comcast requires different types of pre-employment assessments depending on the type of role you are interested in.

These includepersonality tests,TECHNOLOGICAL TESTS, Qualification exam,Situational assessment tests, writing tests,Customer service rating tests, Matetestes uverbal argumentassessments

Many applicants are required to complete SHL verbal and numerical tests. However, if you have applied for a job in customer service, you may need to take the customer service assessment test.

Each Comcast placement test measures your skills and determines whether you are a suitable candidate for the job.

Take the practical test

Testes Comcast SHL

SHL is an international publisher of psychometric tests. It is part of the CEB and serves more than 10,000 companies, including Fortune 500 companies.

SHL tests usually consist of 30 to 50 questions. They can take about 25 minutes to complete.

To prepare for the SHL tests, practice is important. You must practice until you are confident in your abilities. FORsuccessfully pass SHL tests, you need to work quickly and on time. If you get stuck, you must move on to the next question.

Comcast Online SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

During numerical testing, you will find numerical data presented in the form of a table or graph. Based on these representations, 30 to 50 multiple choice questions will be asked.

The test is designed to test your math skills and your ability to calculate fractions, proportions, percentages and conversions. It also assesses your ability to solve problems and draw rational conclusions based on the representations.

To prepare for the number sense tests, you need to practice your math skills.Preparation for the job examThere are practice tests you can take to increase your chances of passing the real test.

Comcast Online SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

The CEB verbal reasoning test is similar to a reading comprehension test. You will be asked to read short passages of text and then answer questions about each short passage.

For each question, you will be asked to rate the statements based on the text. You must decide whether the statement is true, false, or unknown.

Tips for preparing for the verbal reasoning test:

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  • Plan your time between questions accordingly.
  • Please read the questions carefully before answering them.
  • Just pay attention to your writing. General knowledge does not need to be applied.
  • Ignore unclear questions and come back to them later when you have time.
  • Avoid distractions.

Comcast's Situational Judgment Test (SJT)

The Situational Judgment Test assesses a person's behavioral tendencies. This helps to gauge how an employee will behave in certain work situations.

During this test, candidates are presented with realistic what-if scenarios. You will be asked to select or rank the most correct answer based on the specific scenario.

Some preparation tips:

  • Use only the information provided. Avoid assumptions.
  • Multiple choice questions can be difficult. Carefully read the question and answer options before answering.
  • Make sure your answers are specific to the position you are applying for.
  • Don't hesitate and don't think too much about your answers. Believe in your abilities.

Take the practical test

Comcast aptitude test

Aptitude tests are designed to assess an individual's ability, talent, or efficiency in performing a specific task. They assess your interests, values, skills, and career-related tendencies.

Aptitude tests help employers determine whether you have the necessary skills for the job you applied for.

Preparing for an aptitude test can be challenging. These tests do not measure your knowledge, but the skills you have acquired. To increase your chances of passingKomcastIn the aptitude test, you must continually test your skills or those required for the specific job.

comcast typing test

Typing tests help measure how fast and accurately you can type in a given amount of time. Speed ​​and accuracy are the two factors that determine your WPM (words per minute).

The duration of writing tests can be between one and ten minutes.

During the Comcast typing test, you will be given a pass that you must repeat as quickly and accurately as possible. After the deadline, your exam will be graded.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a writing test:

  • Familiarize yourself with the keyboard.
  • Use both hands instead of just one or two fingers.
  • Carefully read the test instructions.
  • Practice before taking the test.
  • Pace yourself when taking a long test.

Comcast Customer Service Rating Test

There are different types of customer service rating tests, but they all serve the same purpose. The tests are designed to measure and highlight characteristics associated with the best customer service representatives.

Customer service assessments are divided into two sections: a scenario test and a personality profile.

The focus of these tests is on strong people skills. Desired skills include patience, problem solving, assertiveness, collaboration, multitasking, and quality service.


To prepare for a customer service assessment test, you must complete a customer service mock test.

comcast personality test

Personality tests create a personality profile that employers can use to assess whether you are a good fit for the job at hand.

Most personality traits consist of four sections: a true/false, agree/disagree/disagree section, a Likert scale, and a statement followed by fewer/more responses.

You can prepare for a personality test through practice. You must format your responses to match the employer's job title.


The TECH test is a prerequisite for Comcast candidates who want to work in the technical field. These jobs include a draftsman, draftsman, communications technician, and repair technician.

The TECH test battery consists of four sections: Graphical Problem Solving, Diagram Interpretation, Mechanical Concepts, and Rule Completion. The test can be completed in one hour.

The best way to practice for a TECH exam is to take practice tests online.Preparation for the job examoffers mechanic comprehension materials to help you improve your skills on test day.

Take the practical test


If you pass all of Comcast's placement tests, you will be invited to begin the next step in the recruitment process.

Comcast's application process requires applicants to go through several rounds of interviews. This includes phone interviews, video interviews,personal interviews,Panel-Interviewsand employee interviews.

The purpose of this process is to allow Comcast to get to know you better and learn more about the company.

initial consultation

Your first Comcast interview will be either a videoconference or telephone interview. The company will schedule an in-person interview if it believes you are a suitable candidate for the position.

Common interview questions

  • What is your perfect job?
  • Why are you the best candidate for this position?
  • What's your favorite website?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during your career?
  • What professional goals do you have?
  • What aspects are you looking for in a company?
  • How can you help our company?
  • What is the name of the CEO of Comcast?
  • What motivates you?
Answer questions about strengths and weaknesses.

During the hiring process, you may be asked about your strengths and weaknesses during the interview. Candidates sometimes find these questions a little difficult to answer.

Here are some pro tips that can help you answer these types of questions.

(Video) Tell Me About Yourself - A Good Answer to This Interview Question


  • reliability
  • good judgment
  • Carefully


  • does not accept any credit
  • over time
  • Not happy about abandoning a project

You will be notified when you have successfully passed the interview and been selected for the position.

To complete the hiring process, you must pass a drug test and background check.

final thoughts

Comcast's hiring process includes several steps to ensure that selected candidates are the best fit for the company in the long term.

Take the practical test

Doing your best on Comcast's placement tests is important to your success in the hiring process.Preparation for the job examoffers a variety of resources, practice tests, and study guides to help you improve your performance on each test.

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How do I prepare for Comcast interview? ›

To stand out during the interview, Comcast suggests that you focus on these pointers: be prepared, be unique, showcase your skills, optimize your resume with keywords, stay involved.

What is the Comcast assessment test? ›

Comcast situational judgment test

Situational judgment tests are designed to assess how aligned your values and actions are to that of the company you're applying to work for, as well as to gain a better understanding of your working style.

Is it hard to get a job at Comcast? ›

No, it is not hard to get a job at Comcast. Comcast has locations across the United States and is consistently hiring for positions that require minimal education and experience. To get a job at Comcast, you should apply online via the Comcast career page.

Does Xfinity have a hardship program? ›

Internet Essentials is an amnesty program for low-income families who have a past-due balance with Comcast but otherwise qualify for the Internet Essentials program.

How many rounds of interviews are in Comcast? ›

Comcast Interview Rounds and Process

There were 4 rounds in my interview. The first round was Resume Shortlist, followed by Technical round. The third round was Technical, followed by final HR round.

How long is Comcast training? ›

Through a mix of classroom education, on-the-job mentoring and a supportive team environment, our robust 90-day training program will get you up to speed.

How do I pass my assessment? ›

Aptitude test tips
  1. Practice. Practice is the most commonly advocated route to aptitude test success, and one very few people would dispute. ...
  2. Know your test. ...
  3. Don't get your friends to help. ...
  4. Make the most of online tests. ...
  5. Realistic simulation. ...
  6. Be alert and stay focused. ...
  7. Ask for feedback. ...
  8. Know when to move on.
Oct 10, 2022

How can I pass any assessment test? ›

Here are a few tips to make it go easier:
  1. Answer honestly. Personality tests often include questions that ask for answers on a scale. ...
  2. Avoid too many of the same answers. ...
  3. Study the job description. ...
  4. Consider taking a practice test. ...
  5. Take your time. ...
  6. Expect questions about your honesty and integrity.
Oct 3, 2022

How do I practice for an assessment test? ›

Preparation for assessment tests

To prepare for your assessment you can practice by taking various online tests. For example, you can practice by taking the free IQ test. By taking different online tests you practice the timing and experience the way questions are asked, and in addition train your memory and intellect.

How long does Comcast take to get back to you after an interview? ›

Sometimes up to two weeks. It should not take more than two weeks to hear back from the recruiter. The hiring process at comcast is extremly long , i applied in Aug 2014 and got a call back in Oct went thru the hiring process and started in Dec. Just give it some time.

How much does Xfinity pay work at home? ›

As of Mar 3, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Work From Home Comcast Customer Experience Representative in the United States is $24.03 an hour.

Does Xfinity pay well? ›

Comcast Cable, Inc. pays its employees an average of $23.09 an hour. Hourly pay at Comcast Cable, Inc. ranges from an average of $14.68 to $38.30 an hour.

Do Xfinity employees get free cable? ›

We offer all of our full-time employees in serviceable areas free digital TV and internet, as well as deeply discounted phone services and other features. Comcast employees can take advantage of exclusive discounts and special offers at our Universal Resorts, including theme park tickets and onsite hotel rooms.

Can I get Comcast without a credit check? ›

No Credit Check Internet Providers in 2023

Verizon Fios and Xfinity only require credit checks for customers who don't sign up for a prepaid plan. Check to see if any of the no credit check internet providers listed above are available in your area.

Is there a senior rate for Xfinity? ›

Xfinity currently does not offer any senior citizen discounts, per se. Instead, they offer an Internet Essentials plan designed and priced for low-income customers.

How many applicants make it to the interview stage? ›

Only 2% of candidates who apply for a job opening are selected for a job interview. (Source: Job Description Library) With the average job posting receiving hundreds of resumes and applications, only a small percentage will get an interview.

What percentage of interviews are hired? ›

On average, 118 candidates apply for one single job, of whom only 20% are interviewed. And, if you get an offer, you are among just 30.89 percent of interviewees to be selected.

How many candidates make it to the interview stage? ›

The average number of people who tend to apply for a single job is 118, while only 20% of them get invited to an interview. So, next time you're wondering how many applicants get interviews, know that it's roughly only 1 in 5.

How often does Comcast pay their employees? ›

Bi-weekly as well as annual bonuses and quarterly raises are given.

How many vacation days do Comcast employees get? ›

Paid vacation
No paid vacation days7%
1-5 days11%
6-9 days17%
10-20 days44%
21-30 days21%
1 more row

Are Comcast employees working from home? ›

Can you work remotely at Comcast? Yes, there is the opportunity to work remotely.

What kind of questions are on an assessment test? ›

They often come in standardized test form, with multiple-choice, true or false or short-answer questions. Cognitive ability tests include IQ tests and general aptitude tests, which assess verbal, mathematical and logic skills and thinking.

What is the best way to answer assessment questions? ›

How to answer assessment questions
  • Ask the employer to give you an idea of what to expect. ...
  • Visualize the information in the question. ...
  • Underline the keywords in the assessment question. ...
  • Do readings before you respond. ...
  • Answering questions in the reverse order. ...
  • Use the elimination process. ...
  • Take personality tests online.

What are some assessment questions? ›

8 questions teachers should ask when giving assessments
  • What is the purpose of this assessment? ...
  • What does that purpose mean for how I should use this assessment? ...
  • Is there a disconnect between an assessment's purpose and use? ...
  • What resources do I need to use this assessment for its intended purpose?
May 24, 2022

What is the easiest way to pass a test? ›

Exam Preparation: Ten Study Tips
  1. Give yourself enough time to study. via GIPHY. ...
  2. Organize your study space. via GIPHY. ...
  3. Use flow charts and diagrams. via GIPHY. ...
  4. Practice on old exams. via GIPHY. ...
  5. Explain your answers to others. via GIPHY. ...
  6. Organize study groups with friends. via GIPHY. ...
  7. Take regular breaks. via GIPHY. ...
  8. Snack on brain food.

How do I prepare for an online assessment? ›

Before the Online Exam: Prepare
  1. Read and understand the test guidelines. ...
  2. Know the test format. ...
  3. Test yourself. ...
  4. Check your computer. ...
  5. Study the class materials! ...
  6. Plan your time. ...
  7. Carve out a quiet test-taking spot with minimal distractions. ...
  8. Determine when you will take the test.

What are the 4 types of assessment? ›

A Guide to Types of Assessment: Diagnostic, Formative, Interim, and Summative.

How to answer strongly agree and strongly disagree questions? ›

Follow these steps to successfully answer strongly agree and strongly disagree questions on a job assessment test:
  1. Be truthful. ...
  2. Take your time. ...
  3. Try to remain consistent. ...
  4. Trust your opinions. ...
  5. Try to relax.

How can I improve myself assessment skills? ›

Best practices when writing your self-assessment
  1. Be honest. When writing a review of your work performance, be honest with yourself. ...
  2. Be confident. ...
  3. Be committed to improving. ...
  4. Be professional. ...
  5. Take your time. ...
  6. Be specific. ...
  7. Use numbers.
Aug 23, 2022

Does Comcast negotiate salary? ›

If you think you and your skill set should be valued higher than your offer, negotiate your salary! 40% of men and 12% of women at Comcast said they negotiated their salaries. On average, Comcast employees earn $119,500. Comcast ranks in the Top 35% for compensation in Philadelphia, PA.

What is a virtual job tryout for Comcast? ›

Virtual Job Tryouts (VJT) are unique assessments widely used in many leading employers' hiring process. The VJT provides your potential employer with many insights into your suitability for the job, and preparing for it in advance can give you a significant leg up over the other candidates.

How long does Comcast boot take? ›

Device Restarts

It typically takes 2 to 3 minutes to restart these devices using the Xfinity My Account app.

What are the benefits for working for Comcast? ›

Benefits and Perks

We offer medical, prescription, vision and dental insurance, as well as life and disability insurance and other support programs to active regular full-time and part-time employees. Save for your future with our 401(k).

Is working for Comcast good? ›

Out of 1132 Comcast employee reviews, 75% were positive. The remaining 25% were constructive reviews with the goal of helping Comcast improve their work culture. The HR team, with 100% positive reviews, reports the best experience at Comcast compared to all other departments at the company.

Do Comcast employees get commission? ›

Sales associates are paid a base plus commissions.

How does Comcast pay employees? ›

Average Comcast hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.00 per hour for Customer Service Associate / Cashier to $71.86 per hour for Partnership Manager. Salary information comes from 960 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Does Xfinity affect your credit score? ›

Cable TV, phone, and other utility bills usually aren't reported to credit bureaus or reflected in your credit score. However, if you are seriously delinquent in paying your cable bill, that may show up on your credit report.

Is Comcast a union company? ›

But while other telecom giants like Verizon and AT&T are heavily union, Comcast, like the cable industry as a whole, remains largely unorganized.

Is Peacock free for Comcast employees? ›

Peacock gives Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex subscribers the paid versions of the service at a $5 discount. That means if you want to watch with advertising, you'll pay nothing for Peacock Premium; if you want to watch ad-free, you'll need to pay $5 a month for Premium Plus.

What health insurance company does Comcast use? ›

Comcast workers with company coverage are told to go to Accolade first. Its phone number appears on the back of their insurance cards and on the benefits website. “The key to Accolade's success is being the one place to go,” said Tom Spann, a co-founder of the company.

Is Xfinity credit check hard or soft? ›

All credit screenings performed by Xfinity Mobile are soft inquiries. If you agree to a credit screening, but there's a lock or freeze on your credit file, contact your credit bureau to have it lifted or removed. If you have any other questions or need help getting started with Xfinity Internet, contact us.

Does Comcast require a deposit? ›

The bottom line on Xfinity Prepaid Internet

Purchasing your equipment and service upfront with no credit checks, deposits, or contracts is a quick and easy way to get internet service.

Can Xfinity check your search history? ›

As your Internet Service Provider, we do not track the websites you visit or apps you use through your broadband connection.

Does Comcast give AARP discounts? ›

Xfinity does not currently offer any senior-specific discounts.

How can I get Comcast to lower my cable bill? ›

How to Save Money on Xfinity Cable and Internet Service
  1. Downgrade Your Xfinity Plan.
  2. Buy Your Own Equipment.
  3. Switch to Xfinity Mobile.
  4. Check ACP Eligibility.
  5. Renegotiate Your Bill.

When can you retire from Comcast? ›

The Comcast NBCUniversal Retiree Health Care Program is intended for individuals who retire immediately following their separation of employment from the Company and is primarily designed to help bridge these individuals to Medicare eligibility, which occurs at age 65.

What is a self paced interview Comcast? ›

Self-paced video interviews enable candidates to work interviews into their schedules at their convenience and complete them at home.

What are Comcast's values? ›

We are committed to a culture of fairness, respect, and inclusion: within our leadership and our workforce, with our customers and suppliers, in our programming, and in the communities we serve. We have a long history of supporting local communities and organizations wherever we do business.

Why should I join Comcast? ›

At Comcast, you have the opportunity to experiment with cutting-edge technology, create something meaningful, and make an impact. Work and learn alongside people at the top of their field - tackling big challenges and creating solutions that make a difference to the lives of our customers.

Why should we hire you answers? ›

“I should be hired for this role because of my relevant skills, experience, and passion for the industry. I've researched the company and can add value to its growth. My positive attitude, work ethics, and long-term goals align with the job requirements, making me a committed and valuable asset to the company.”

How do you pass an automated interview? ›

Video interviews: how to do well
  1. spend some time on practice questions you're given.
  2. research the company and what's involved in the job.
  3. look at the company website and get an understanding of their culture and values.
  4. read through any guidance notes from the recruiter and follow their instructions.

How do I pass a virtual interview? ›

How to make a good impression in a virtual job interview
  1. Prepare in advance. ...
  2. Show up on time. ...
  3. Dress for success, even remotely. ...
  4. Think about your background. ...
  5. Make “eye contact” with the camera. ...
  6. Stay focused and visibly engaged. ...
  7. Don't rely on a cheat sheet, but be prepared. ...
  8. Remember to stay responsive after you wave goodbye.

What are the benefits of working at Comcast? ›

Here's a look at just some of the perks we make available to our US-based employees:
  • Medical & Dental. ...
  • 401(K) Savings Plan. ...
  • Life Milestones. ...
  • Courtesy Service. ...
  • Discount Tickets. ...
  • Perks and Discount.

What is Comcast motto? ›

A Better Future for All.

How is the work culture at Comcast? ›

Here at Comcast, everyone belongs, and everyone's voice is heard. There's no right way of thinking here - speak up proudly and share your voice. We enable everyone to feel confident, to think freely, and contribute fearlessly. We believe that by being yourself, you are empowered to do your best work.

Does Comcast get paid every week? ›

Bi-weekly as well as annual bonuses and quarterly raises are given.

How much PTO do Comcast employees get? ›

PTO use
No paid vacation days7%
1-5 days17%
6-9 days14%
10-20 days36%
21-30 days15%
1 more row

Do Comcast employees get a discount at Xfinity Live? ›

We believe it's important for our employees to enjoy the same awesome products and experiences we provide our customers. That's why full-time employees in serviceable areas receive discounted Xfinity services, so they can love all the great things we offer and recommend them to friends and family.

What is best answer for Tell me about yourself? ›

Your answer to the "tell me about yourself" question should describe your current situation, your past job experience, the reason you're a good fit for the role, and how you align with the company values. Tell the interviewer about your current position and a recent big accomplishment or positive feedback you received.

How do you handle stress and pressure? ›

2. Commit to a Positive Attitude
  1. Decide what you can do. Pinpoint which parts of the situation you have the power to change or influence for the better. ...
  2. Get support. Find someone to talk to about your situation. ...
  3. Care for yourself. Take especially good care of yourself when stress in your life is high.

What are good weaknesses? ›

What are good weaknesses? A good weakness refers to a weakness that can be seen in a positive light. For example, being too critical could mean that you pick up on mistakes that your colleagues would otherwise miss in a project.


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