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VIFThe cost is much cheaper than before. In the UK howeverSingle cycle IVF prices typically start from £5,000, depending on which private healthcare provider you choose. Compare that to countries abroad, such asPeru, where prices start from as little as €2,800, and it becomes clear why overseas travel for IVF is becoming more common.

Since the breakthrough of IVF in 1978, medical advances and innovations have meant that the treatment has become a much more successful and realistic option for many would-be parents. However, although IVF prices have stabilized, it can still be a financially significant procedure. So it's not surprising that one of the most common questions among those considering it is "How much does IVF cost?"

However, answering this question can be difficult. Because of this, it's important to discuss common questions and concerns about IVF rules, eligibility, and insurance, as well as detailing some of the most popular places that offer quality treatments at an affordable price.

How much does IVF cost in the UK and abroad?

In recent years, the cost of IVF in the UK has been a barrier to treatment for many hopeful parents. While it is true that treatment has become much more affordable in recent years, prices can still be significant. However, IVF prices vary depending on various factors.

Below we have created a table comparing IVF costs in the UK to some other countries. These prices represent the cost of one IVF cycle and have only been accepted by Qunomedical approved and verified clinics. It is also important to note that these prices are not fixed or guaranteed and may vary depending on individual circumstances.

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From the table above, IVF costs abroad can be significantly lower than in the UK. Cheap IVF does not necessarily mean poor quality.Greece, for example, is home to highly respected IVF specialists as well as world-class facilities. This has made the country one of the most popular IVF destinations in recent years.

IVF Cost: Why Travel Abroad?

in the lastFertility Tourism Survey 2020, 527 anonymous survey forms were filled out with questions about IVF costs and other related topics and questions. 97% of respondents said they are actively looking for IVF options abroad. There are some important reasons that might explain this great interest in treatment options abroad. We describe them in more detail below.

1. Affordable IVF cost abroad

High home costs have always been a deciding factor for those seeking IVF. 2020 was no different, with cheaper prices abroad being the second most important factor in deciding to travel abroad for IVF. Perhaps not surprisingly, IVF prices are seen as the most important factor by the younger age groups and less so by the 35-44 and 45+ age groups.

2. Success Rates

While IVF cost is clearly an important factor, success rates have been found to be the most important reason for traveling abroad in general.IVF Success Ratesare on the rise lately, particularly in some highly reputable fertility clinics abroad. Consistent with the observed trends in IVF costs, the older age groups consider success rates to be more important than price.

3. Availability of the National Health Service

With the ever increasing cuts to IVF treatment by the NHS, more expectant parents are considering other options abroad. Local NHS providers in the UK decide how many IVF treatment cycles will be funded. As a result, different regulations apply to different areas. In Scotland, for example, women can receive three full cycles of NHS-funded treatment, while in England this has been limited to a single cycle since early 2017.

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What regulations are there abroad and how do they affect IVF costs?

While overseas travel for fertility treatment is growing in popularity, these areregulated differently in different countries. General IVF prices may be affected by regulations in the specific country you choose for your treatment. We then use the available data from theEuropean Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)to provide an overview of regulations in some of the most popular countries for IVF.

These data show that there are big differences in the regulation of IVF in different European countries. The maximum number of embryos per age is an important point to consider here. When we examine this along with our table of costs above, we can see that IVF prices in the UK represent a significantly higher overall cost than some other European countries as patients under the age of 37 are only allowed one embryo transfer. A comparison with Spain, for example, where average IVF costs are lower and there is no limit on the maximum number of embryos, underscores the savings that can be achieved by traveling abroad for treatment.

Eligibility and other factors to consider

As we can see from the table above, eligibility for IVF depends on the country you are in. It is therefore important to check the specific regulations in your country before booking a treatment. Yet even if your home country imposes restrictions or restrictions on who can seek treatment, opportunities for overseas travel have become increasingly accessible for couples and individuals alike.

With regard to the right to physical or mental well-being, the rules vary from country to country. In general, women are recommended to be in good physical health to endure pregnancy. Additionally, couples who have been trying to conceive for at least two years or who have unsuccessfully explored other fertility options are generally considered more suitable candidates.

Private IVF costs and health insurance

In the United States, whether all or part of IVF costs will be covered by your doctor can be complicated. Because IVF is generally more expensive than other fertility treatments, insurers are often reluctant to cover the cost. However inside16 US states require insurers to offer coverage for fertility treatments. So if you live in one of these states, chances are you'll get some level of IVF coverage. Unfortunately, if you live outside of these states, it's likely to be more difficult to get assistance from an insurance company.

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The situation in Great Britain is similar. As mentioned above, it is up to local NHS providers to decide whether to fund IVF costs and, if so, how many cycles can be covered. These regulations differ between the four UK countries, with NHS England offering just one IVF cycle compared to, for example, NHS Scotland's three. The lack of NHS funds for IVF has prompted many couples to turn to private fertility clinics. However, private IVF costs in the UK can be extremely high. In cases where you cannot get IVF through the NHS, it may be better to travel abroad for treatment. This will help lower your IVF costs without sacrificing the quality of care you receive.

Where should I go for IVF? Balance between price and quality

So it is clear that IVF in the UK can be difficult given the different regulations and potentially high costs. For these reasons, more and more patients are choosing to travel abroad to have the procedure. But which countries offer the lowest IVF costs along with the highest quality care? Below we describe some options.


The small eastern Mediterranean islandCyprusIt is one of the best places in the world for IVF. The country is known throughout Europe for its continuous contributions to the development of reproductive medicine. IVF prices in Cyprus are usually much lower than in the UK. These lower prices are combined with clean and safe clinics with state-of-the-art equipment. Cyprus is also home to world-renowned fertility specialists.Dr. Berk Angun, MDFor example, he has more than 22 years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine. A renowned doctor inDunya IVF Fertility Clinic, dr Angun has provided over 7500 treatments and helped thousands of expectant parents start their families.


Spain has played a crucial role in the development of IVF over the last 30 years. Today, the country is one of the most popular destinations for British patients wishing to undergo fertility treatment. Not only do IVF costs tend to be lower in Spain than in the UK, but waiting lists are generally much shorter.IVF Clinics in SpainThey are known worldwide. In particular,URE Centro Gutenbergin Malaga, which successfully assisted the first pregnancy by in vitro fertilization in the province of Malaga in 1989. Today, the clinic offers low IVF prices and exclusive treatment packages for international patients.

Why choose Qunomedical?

At Qunomedical, we consistently take a patient-centric approach to care. Regardless of your background, we are committed to making sure you have access to quality, affordable care when you need it.

✔ Evaluation 100% free and without obligation:We offer a 100% free no-obligation evaluation whether you decide to book a treatment or not.

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✔ Prize combination:We've done the legwork to identify quality IVF clinics that offer affordable care. If you find the same treatment cheaper elsewhere in the same clinic, we will match the price.

✔ All Inclusive Treatment Packages:Many quality IVF clinics abroad offer all-inclusive packages that cater specifically to international patients. This usually includes things like accommodation, airport transfers and a shuttle to the clinic.

✔ Verified doctors and clinics:Our proprietary rating system,Qunoscore, ranks physicians on more than 20 data points including qualifications, experience, number of treatments performed, profitability, accreditations, past patient reviews and more.

✔ 24/7 patient care:Booking through Qunomedical ensures you receive customer service from start to finish. If you are abroad for treatment, our team is available 24/7 in an emergency.


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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatment.


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