New York City Motorist Survival Guide: What You Need to Know (2023)

New York City Motorist Survival Guide: What You Need to Know (1)

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  • 1. Driving in New York: Don't do it
  • 2. Beware of green lights
  • 3. Beware of pedestrian crossings
  • 4. Watch people on bikes
  • 5. Driving me in NYC means parking me in NYC
  • 6. Park and drive in New York
  • 7. Evaluate your car's safety features
  • 8. Protects the side mirrors
  • 9. Don't leave anything in the car

Driving in New York requires some serious skill and patience to conquer. Between the impatient and testy drivers, the inability to park on the street, the inability to turn right on red, and the nightmare of getting stuck in the middle of an intersection, it's definitely not the place for you to calmly navigate between destinations want . But if you muster up the courage to plunge into the Big Apple's sea of ​​yellow cabs, be prepared with these safety and survival tips.

NYIt's perfect for a family vacation. In the five districts there are sights, museums, zoos and botanical gardens. even have funfree things to do in new york with kids🇧🇷 Although public transport can get you there, you might prefer to go by car. If you are planning to drive in New York, there are special considerations.

One of the most important things now is a special law. Never turn right on red. It's illegal in New York City. It might be great in your hometown, but don't try it here.

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If you have a green light but cannot exit the intersection due to traffic, "don't block the box". You can get a ticket for obstructing traffic flow. And the drivers of the cars you locked will honk and insult you. This can be very intimidating for you and your family.

Before you get in the car, read these tips for driving in New York. You can save your mind and your car. Yread thisDiscover the one time you never, ever want to drive in New York City!

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New York City Motorist Survival Guide: What You Need to Know (2)

1. Driving in New York: Don't do it

We understand. You want to go into town with your family. It's expensive to fly and you can get there in less time than going to the airport, flight, etc. Also, you can bring yoursdogeasier when you drive. Go on. Put the kids, grandma and Fido in the car and drive offNY🇧🇷 But once you are here, park the car and walk. For longer trips around the city, use the subway, bike rentals, buses, or Uber. Aside from being more convenient, I would pay more for parking than others.modes of transport🇧🇷 Also, there are tolls on many bridges, and congestion charges (surcharges during peak periods) will soon increase tolls for motorists in much of Manhattan.

2. Beware of green lights

New York City Motorist Survival Guide: What You Need to Know (3)You didn't hear it, did you? All right, now you're driving through town. Make sure you fire on all cylinders. Watch the lights so the moment you get the green light, you hit the gas pedal. Otherwise the guy behind you will hit your bumper.

3. Beware of pedestrian crossings

New York City Motorist Survival Guide: What You Need to Know (4)

Be very, very sure of the green light. Don't look at the waymark as a guide to proceed. Many intersections (particularly where there have been fatal accidents) have delayed green lights with timed go signals to allow pedestrians to cross safely.

4. Watch people on bikes

Always be on the lookout for people on scooters, people crossing the street with dogs, people texting while walking, motorcyclists texting while riding, motorcyclists walking dogs AND texting while riding. Really, you must be on high alert at all times.

5. Driving me in NYC means parking me in NYC

Parking here is a whole different beast. The last time you parallel parked might be when you were taking your driving test. You might want to brush up on your skills at home before trying it out on the busy streets. For an added challenge, some street parking is next to a bike path and you have to cut through bike traffic to park.

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Even in places with parking lots, like Citifield, where the Mets play baseball, the Bronx Zoo, or the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn, you'll be competing with aggressive New Yorkers who get in and out of parking lots. The price you pay to park here may not be worth it.

6. Park and drive in New York

New York City Motorist Survival Guide: What You Need to Know (5)

Even as a seasoned New York driver, I occasionally make a rookie mistake. For example, parking too close to a traffic light. This is the scenario: I saw a place two cars away from the corner. i drove oneChevrolet-Traverse, and I needed room to swing when backing up. Nobody would give me an inch. At a red light, the guy behind me didn't move so I could park. At a green light, motorists came up behind me, honking and shouting. Did I mention I signaled to park and my backup lights were on? It took me four light cycles before I was able to park safely.

get out? Just as challenging. If possible, park in the middle of the block. Parking is a blood sport in New York, as are shows at the Roman Coliseum. Even pulling out of a parking space can be daunting (see pedestrians, cyclists, etc. above).

7. Evaluate your car's safety features

New York City Motorist Survival Guide: What You Need to Know (6)

If you're driving in New York, you might think you need eyes in the back of your head. But a number of security features can make your life easier. That blind spot detector? It's vital when a car appears out of nowhere and chases after you. Cross traffic warning? So important.

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But those cars that beep when you're trying to park and you're too close to another car? Dude, every time you park, you're very close to another car. It is the nature of the animal. If possible, mute the sound.

8. Protects the side mirrors

Always, always, always fold in your side mirrors when driving in New York (after you've parked the car!).

When parking on the street, you may think that your rear view mirror is protected from damage. You could also pay for a new rearview mirror on the go. Cyclists, skateboarders, and pedestrians all claim that little space between your car and the curb. Why not protect your mirror? Just remember to fold back the mirrors.Forbefore leaving.

9. Don't leave anything in the car

In the 1980s, we always took our car radio with us when we got out of the car. Now people leave phone chargers and expensive sunglasses in their cars, all ready to go. I once parked my brother's car in a garage and his cup holder was stolen. So when driving in New York, hide or remove your valuables.

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The Chevy Traverse has a neat feature, a hidden storage space behind the infotainment screen. The hidden area even has a USB port. This way you can keep your charger out of sight and not have to worry about it being stolen.

Note: Chevrolet loaned me the traverse. The opinions and challenges expressed are my own.


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