PiCAT Practice Test: Free Online Questions and Answers (2023) (2023)

What is the US Armed Forces PiCAT test?

The Prescreen Internet-Based Computerized Adaptive Test (PiCAT) is a timeless, low-pressure version of the Comprehensive TestASVAB(Battery of Professional Aptitude of the Federal Armed Forces). The PiCAT is designed not only to assess a candidate's suitability for a military career, but also to test their competencies and suitability for specific roles in all branches of the military.

The test is scored as a percentile, which means that if you score 76, you will perform better than 76% of test takers.

Test content, question types, and sections are the same as in the ASVAB.

What is the PiCAT Verification Test?

As the PiCAT is taken home unverified and unsupervised, candidates must complete a verification test. This takes place at a Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS) or Military Entry Test (MET) and must be completed within 30 days of completing the PiCAT.

This is a selection of 30 questions, typically those that were correct on the full assessment and answered under time pressure and supervision. They usually last between 25 and 30 minutes.

If you pass the PiCAT verification test, your PiCAT score will be used to determine your progress in the military and the score will be stored for five years.

If you fail the PiCAT verification test, you will automatically be asked to take the full ASVAB test and 5% of PiCAT participants will be randomly selected to take the ASVAB anyway.

How is PiCAT different from ASVAB?

Question content and difficulty are the same in PiCAT and ASVAB.

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The main difference is that the PiCAT is done at home in the applicant's spare time and there is no supervision.

The ASVAB is performed at a MEPS or MET location and takes approximately three hours to complete. The ASVAB is supervised and supervised and can be completed on computer or on paper.

The other significant difference is that the first four sections form the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) in both the PiCAT and the ASVAB, and if you do not score high enough for these sections in the PiCAT, the test will automatically end, whereas it is in the ASVAB, continue the test even if your score is very low.

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How is the US Military PiCAT formatted?

PiCAT consists of 145 questions. These are the same as the ASVAB questions, except they must be answered online and there is no time limit.

PiCAT questions explained

PiCAT questions are divided into ten categories. The first four sections are designed to assess whether a candidate has the necessary language and numbers skills and abilities to be successful in the military, while the next six sections address specific skills to qualify for the right branch and even roles in the forces. armed. . which one will be most suitable.

Henumber of questions
know word16 questions
paragraph understanding11 questions
mathematical knowledge16 questions
arithmetic reasoning16 questions
general sciences16 questions
mechanical understanding16 questions
store information11 questions
Electronic16 questions
assembly of objects16 questions
automatic information11 questions
No total145 questions

know word

In the Word Knowledge section, you will be asked to answer 16 questions based on your knowledge of words and written language.

You will be asked to find the correct definition of a word in a sentence or a synonym for a word.

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Each question is multiple choice, so you have to consider multiple possible answers.

Understanding the PiCAT paragraph

In the Paragraph Comprehension section, you will see a small snippet of text and need to identify the meaning of the paragraph.

There are 11 questions in this section and the answers are multiple choice.

As this test is limited in time, complete reading of the information and possible answers is required to pass. So take your time to make sure you understand the text.

PiCAT math knowledge

This is a test of your knowledge of basic math facts and includes questions about algebra and geometry.

In this section there are 16 questions to test your math knowledge and again the answer is multiple choice. Calculators are not allowed, but you can use scratch paper to solve the answers.

PiCAT arithmetic thinking

This is an assessment of your ability to read, understand, and manipulate numbers presented in unfamiliar formats.

There are 16 questions, all with multiple choice answers. The questions are word problems and you must solve the problem using an equation. Waste paper will come in handy here to keep the calculations in order.

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PiCAT General Sciences

Scientific knowledge is not a requirement for admission into the military, but some roles do require an understanding of general scientific principles.

The questions in this section refer to subjects taught in secondary schools, such as biology, chemistry, and earth science.

There are 16 questions in this section and the answers are multiple choice.

Mechanical understanding of PiCAT

The Mechanical Understanding section tests your understanding of mechanical devices and the physics behind mechanical processes such as gravity, friction, force, and acceleration.

There are 16 questions in this section with multiple choice answers.

PiCAT store information

Knowledge of common store tools and how they work is not a general military entry requirement, but is required for some branches and roles. If you're looking for an engineering or mechanical job in the Army, Navy, or even the Air Force, understanding how basic shop tools work is essential.

There are 11 questions in this section. The answers are multiple choice.

Knowledge in PiCAT electronics

For some roles, a basic understanding of how electricity works and how it can be manipulated is an important requirement.

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In this section of the assessment, you are expected to demonstrate an understanding of basic electrical principles, such as currents and circuits, and the operation of devices such as radios and televisions.

The answers are multiple choice questions and there are 16 questions in this section.


Spatial awareness and manipulating 3D shapes in space are fundamental skills used in many military roles, and to test this PiCAT and ASVAB, ask questions about charts, engineering drawings, and map interpretation.

In this section you will find 16 multiple choice questions and answers.

PiCAT automatic information

For jobs where knowledge of automotive mechanics is important, the PiCAT asks 11 questions based on basic automotive systems and repair.

The answers are multiple choice.

The best tips for passing the PiCAT test

1. Practical

If you haven't been in the classroom for a while, you may need to brush up on your general math and English skills, and with a range of practice tests and courses available online, you can increase your chances of achieving better results. Practice tests can help you see where you might need more time in the review and see where your strengths lie.

2. Focus on your areas of interest

While you'll want to take the full test, which is a great idea, remember that your scores will determine which roles you are eligible for in all branches of the military. In practice, this means you want to ensure that your best results are in the areas that matter most in the role you applied for.

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3. Set up your staging area

This assessment is online and can be done wherever you feel most comfortable. A link will be emailed to you and you will have 24 hours to complete the test once it starts. For the best odds, make sure you have a private area where there are no distractions, you have a good internet connection, and you can work uninterrupted. Have a drink ready and some papers so you can jot down any necessary notes.

4. Don't cheat

The self-contained nature of PiCAT and the fact that it is not timed can make it tempting to seek outside help and, in addition to the nefarious action that would be, it will not benefit you in the long run, as you must take PiCAT. Verification test under supervised, timed and supervised test conditions. Honesty is the best policy, so practice and study to do your best.


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