Prices for Egg Donation IVF in Ukraine, Egg Donation in Kiev, Surrogacy in Ukraine (2023)

Specialized reproductive clinics in Kiev will offer a full range of state-of-the-art infertility diagnostics and treatments, including PGD (gender selection), embryoscopy, ICSI, IMSI, artificial insemination (AI), surrogacy. The most popular fertility service in Ukraine is egg donation through IVF, and the prices here are very moderate.

IVF clinics in Ukraine are very modern and equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment in the world. Our team of consultants and healthcare professionals is highly qualified and has many years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine. Prices for in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Ukraine and prices for egg donation and surrogacy are listed below. Like all senior doctors, our team participates in expert conferences and seminars around the world, sharing best practice with colleagues to ensure their knowledge in developing their profession is second to none.

All our clinics are accredited under Ukrainian law. Our reproductive medicine clinics have Victoria, IRM, IVmed, ISIDA. Our doctors are used to treating patients from all over the world, making you feel welcome, confident and comfortable.

The success rate of IVF treatment in Ukraine is as high as 65%, compared to our 25% success rate in the UK, and our costs are comparable even when travel and accommodation are taken into account. We can usually perform IVF on a daily basis so an overnight stay in the clinic is not required, but you should book a 5 to 7 day stay so we can carry out all necessary medical checks before and after the procedure.

Below we describe our clinic services and prices (in GBP).

fertility procedure

price euro

The average success rate of IVF clinics in Ukraine is about 64%

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Infertility is the absence of pregnancy within a year due to regular sex (at least once a week) without contraception. There are many reasons for lower fertility (ability to conceive). The most common are blocked fallopian tubes, poor sperm quality, and ovarian failure.

Infertility (Latin Sterilitas) – When a married couple suffers from infertility, it means that after 12 months of regular intercourse without contraception, they have not been able to conceive.

The cause of infertile marriages may be a defect in the reproductive system of one or both spouses. "Female infertility (infertility)" can only be diagnosed if male infertility is excluded from the analysis and the test is positive and the compatibility of sperm and cervical mucus is confirmed.

For treatment to be effective, the cause of infertility must be accurately identified. In some cases, such causes (hormonal dysfunction, ovulation disorders) can be eliminated, in others the best treatment can be chosen after other causes of infertility have been identified.

Treatment programs

it stimulates the growth of hair follicles


  • Hormonal imbalances cause follicular agenesis:
  • Husband Examining Patient
  • Determine the status of the fallopian tubes
  • Normal endometrial hyperplasia: the incidence of endometrial hyperplasia in PCOS women is more than 20%
  • Correction of other hormonal imbalances: Up to 6.5% of women with PCOS have hyperthyroidism or hypoprolactin with hyperthyroidism
  • Medical and Genetic Research
  • reduce weight
  • Get rid of bad habits (smoking, drinking, etc.)

Follicle-stimulating hormone is responsible for the production and maturation of follicles in women. There are a variety of drugs used to induce ovulation, which can be broadly divided into two categories:

  • Drugs that increase normal levels of follicle-stimulating hormone ("clomiphene")
  • Medications that contain FSH ("Bravel," "Puregon," Gonal F)

Artificial (intrauterine) insemination with the husband's sperm

The essence of the program is the introduction of the husband's sperm into the uterine cavity after proper preparation for ejaculation. Such a program can be performed by stimulating folliculogenesis and in a natural cycle. The optimal time to perform this type of procedure is determined by monitoring hair follicle development with ultrasound. Sometimes, an ovulation test may be helpful.

  • moderate deterioration in sperm quality
  • Immune Response Against Sperm/Immune Response Against Sperm
  • uterine pathology

Artificial (intrauterine) insemination using donor sperm

The essence of the program is the introduction of the donor's sperm into the uterine cavity after proper preparation for ejaculation. Donor selection is based on the phenotypic characteristics (appearance) of the mate and their desire for the phenotypic characteristics (appearance) of the sperm donor. Potential donors undergo comprehensive testing to prevent the spread of infections and genetic diseases. Such a program can be performed by stimulating folliculogenesis and in a natural cycle. The optimal time for this procedure is determined by monitoring hair follicle development with ultrasound. Sometimes, an ovulation test may be helpful.

– Ejaculate without sperm – Inherited disease – No partner

ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)


  • Fallopian tube dysfunction/failure
  • Endometriosis
  • unexplained infertility
  • Long-term (more than two years) treatment of infertility with other methods is ineffective

The main purpose of an IVF program is to collect eggs directly from the ovaries, fertilize them in an embryology laboratory, and place multiple embryos into the uterine cavity.
The program consists of several phases:

  • After initial testing, choice of treatment strategy and ovarian stimulation protocol (long cycle, short cycle, short cycle antagonist, modified, natural cycle)
  • Superovulation stimulation with ultrasound monitoring
  • Insertion of a dose of trigger hormones to complete egg maturation
  • Follicular puncture, egg (oocyte) collection, sperm donation, egg fertilization.
  • reproduction of embryos, monitoring their development
  • embryo implantation in uterine cavity
  • Freeze remaining high-quality embryos
  • Phase II Hormonal Support
  • pregnancy test
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound Diagnosis

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI


  • No insemination/fertilization under IVF program
  • TESE/MESA (production of functional sperm from the testis or epididymis)
  • Insufficient sperm or testicular function.

The differences between IVF and ICSI programs only become apparent during the egg processing stage: ICSI – is a method in which a single sperm is introduced/implanted into an egg using special equipment. ICSI planning also includes the same steps as IVF planning.

What tests are required for men and women in an egg donation program

Exams and tests needed for women:

  1. Rw, HBs, HCV, HIV, Syphilis (not more than 6 months before test)
  2. TORCH infection (rubella and toxoplasmosis)
  3. vaginal discharge test
  4. Karyotyping (no deadline)
  5. Blood type and Rh factor (indefinitely)
  6. Complete blood count (CBC) taken no more than 1 month ago
  7. Blood chemistry (bilirubin, AST, ALT, creatinine, total protein)
  8. Pictograms
  9. LH (luteinizing hormone)
  10. FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
  11. Vaginal and cervical smears (not earlier than 6 months ago)
  12. Microscopic examination of the vaginal canal
  13. Ultrasound examination of pelvic organs
  14. Breast Ultrasound
  15. Physician opinion
  16. Anti-Müllerian hormone test

Men need to be analyzed and tested

  1. Rw (Wasserman test)
  2. HB
  3. Hepatitis C virus
  4. HIV (less than 3 months ago)
  5. Blood type and Rh factor (indefinitely)
  6. Karyotyping (no deadline)
  7. Sperm test (up to 3 months)
  8. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Study

Mandatory Screening for IVF WomenPGD ​​(gender selection procedure)?

Forced IVF test for women:

main test



GP views on physical health status

and no contraindications to pregnancy


anti-mullerian hormone

anti-mullerian hormone


Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)



Luteinizing hormone (LH)

Luteinizing hormone









Blood type and Rh


complete blood work

Hemoglobin (g/L)

red blood cell count


Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Maternal and Child Health Center


platelet count


white blood cell count






Blood film report


coagulation curve


General Gynecological Exam


Pelvic Ultrasound


Vaginal, urethral, ​​and cervical secretion cultures


Cytology: Pap test



EIA Syphilis IgG/IgM



HIV 1 and 2 Abs/P24 Ag Test

number 17

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg)


Hepatitis C

Detection of hepatitis C by ELISA (3rdresearch and developmentGeneral)


Toxoplasmosis (lgM, lgG)


red (lgM, lgG)

red (lgG)




Herpes (IgM, IgG)

Additional (IRM)

Thyroxine (T4)

Thyroxine (T4)

Triiodothyronine (T3), free, total

Triiodothyronine (T3), free, total

Antin – HBc (IgG/IgM)

Also - T4 and T3-+ anti-HBc (IgG/IgM).

For many childless couples in the UK, in vitro fertilization (IVF) often does the trick.

However, NHS standards for IVF are becoming stricter. Each health authority may use a different set of criteria - general guidelines issued in 2004 state that 3 cycles of IVF may be used for childless couples with females between the ages of 23 and 29, limited to 1 cycle of in vitro Fertilize. Women aged 29 to 40. Back in 1999, it was reported that 80% of couples who applied to the NHS were rejected. Private sector IVF is a safe option for those who can afford it, but is extremely expensive in the UK. In total, a cycle in a private practice in the UK will cost over £3,000.

As a result, more and more British couples are seeking IVF abroad. Medical tourism is growing in popularity around the world, with people undergoing a variety of surgeries traveling to many countries with high medical and ethical standards but low surgical costs.

In recent years, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has received more and more people from the United Kingdom, Western Europe, the United States, Russia and the Persian Gulf for various treatments. The first is test-tube babies. More than 350 UK couples try IVF every year in Kiev, and that number is set to rise as NHS treatment in the UK becomes more difficult and private clinics more expensive.

In 2016 (the latest available figures), more than 30,000 people traveled to Ukraine for treatment, with IVF the most popular, followed by surrogacy, dental implants and other dental procedures.

Ukraine has extensive experience in reproductive medicine and the country's clinics are modern and well-equipped. Their medical teams are trained to the highest international standards and are in touch with similar teams around the world to share developments in this exciting field of medicine. IVF success rates in Ukraine are impressive, reaching 65% for some patients.

Medicare 4Uwww.medicare-4u.comSurgery is organized specifically for people who cannot access or afford treatment in their home country. Based in the UK, they know that leaving home for any medical procedure can be traumatic, so all patients are met individually at the airport, escorted to their accommodation and then on to the clinic where they will be treated. program. Clinics selected by Medicare4U have staff who are used to dealing with international clients on a daily basis and speak good English. They will do everything in their power to provide the utmost comfort and relaxation for the patient.

It is estimated that most IVF procedures in Ukraine, such as IVF donation, cost 85% less than the same treatment in Western Europe or the United States. In Ukraine, a single cycle of IVF costs just £1,080. The cost of egg donation IVF and PGD (including egg donation fee) is approximately £4,800. With return flights from London to Kiev starting at less than £150 and accommodation around €60 per night, traveling to Kiev for IVF treatment is a very attractive option both in terms of cost and the declared IVF success rates in the country. Egg donation is one of the most popular options among Kiev medical travelers. The estimated price for IVF ICSI in Ukraine is around £1,850. The ICSI pregnancy rate in the country is about 45%.

Medicare4U CEO Pavel Oltarzhevskyy explains why Ukraine is an increasingly popular option for couples seeking IVF "We know that infertility is a terrible diagnosis for couples looking to start a family. In Ukraine, we Has a proud history of helping infertile couples achieve their fertility dreams. IVF has a very high success rate at very low cost. However, the quality of treatment is not compromised in any way.

"We know that for some couples IVF does not solve the problem of infertility for many reasons. In Ukraine we can offer surrogacy services for these couples. It is completely legal in our country. Those who believe in surrogacy People who might be their solution are often held back by the red tape — the fear of legal difficulties in registering a child's birth in the parents' country of residence.

"But in Ukraine, there is no such difficulty - the child is considered to legally belong to the future parents from the moment of conception. Even if the donation scheme is in place and there is no blood relationship between the child and the intended parents, their names It will appear on the birth certificate. For your added peace of mind, we have our own UK lawyers to help couples complete the necessary paperwork so that they can bring the child back to their home country without any hassle. The surrogacy program is not limited to heterosexual couples, singles Women can also participate. In Ukraine, there is no concept of same-sex marriage, but such patients can be considered single men or women.”

There is no stigma associated with going abroad for procedures and treatments that are difficult or expensive to obtain at home. A 2008 article by the Office of Human Fertilization and Embryology devoted to in vitro fertilization and included findings from a survey of people who traveled abroad for health reasons.

Of those surveyed, 76 percent said they would consider traveling abroad for healthcare for the following reasons (in descending order of importance).

no waiting time

acceptable cost of treatment

high success rate

Availability of Donated Egg/Sperm

Positive comments from other patients

Availability of donated eggs and sperm, UK clinic set-up and embryo exchange

Only 26 of the 339 respondents said they would not consider going abroad because they were satisfied with their fertility treatment in the UK.

Medicare4U has extensive experience arranging IVF and other treatments and procedures for people around the world.

Legislation in Ukraine regarding IVF treatment and provision (more information on surrogacy and prices

multifaceted actionartificial inseminationtreategg donationIsurrogacyThe laws in Ukraine are very different from those in most western countries. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), especially IVF – IVF and other laboratory-assisted fertilization techniques can be a lot of effort and can be expensive, so it is important to get good legal advice to ensure that no legal problems arise. born.

Surrogacy is legal in Ukraine if certain rules, regulations and legal procedures are strictly followed. Surrogacy is formally regulated by Article 123 of the Ukrainian Family Code and by regulations issued in the form of orders by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Civil Code of Ukraine.

aboutegg donationIsurrogacy,Ukrainian law differs from that of most other Western countries on many legal issues. Ukraine is one of the few surrogacy-friendly countries in Europe. It does not restrict surrogacy payments and does not require a court order. No need to adopt a child. The recipient family creates embryos using their own or donated IVF gametes, which are then transferred to the gestational surrogate. Ukrainian law allows the issuance of birth certificates to intended parents in their own surnames, regardless of their genetic relationship to the child. To date, there have been no reported cases of child custody disputes arising from the validity or enforceability of foster care agreements or foster family agreements. However, novice parents sometimes run into trouble at the embassy because they give wrong or untrue answers to questions about documents. This documentation is an important part of the process because after all the time, effort and expense of having a baby, you will want to be able to bring your baby back to your country as part of the family. You can find the services of our legal team

Get the right advice and legal help

Both IVF treatment and surrogacy can be an anxious and stressful time for participants. In particular, this may negatively affect the chances of successful IVF treatment.

Before starting treatment, as many potential obstacles and difficulties as possible must be removed, including legal issues related to contracts and documentation.

Professional legal advice should be sought as soon as possible to decide which route to take and to remove legal difficulties and ensure certainty throughout the complex process.

The author of this article is a British lawyer living and working in Ukraine who will be happy to assist you with any legal requirements and documentation. You can reach him through the Medicare4U office.

common problem

Who can be an egg donor in Ukraine?
Only women who are at least 32 years old, have fathered at least one child, and are genetically and mentally healthy can become egg donors. In the case of IVF, eggs from an anonymous donor or eggs donated by a relative can be used.

Can an egg donor's embryos be frozen?

Yes, embryos can be frozen for up to 5 years.

What if my IVF attempt fails? How long should I wait before trying again?

It is recommended to wait at least 2-3 months before starting another IVF treatment.

Do alternate ovaries ovulate every other month?

No. Which ovary ovulates in which month is completely random.

Can my husband collect sperm at home?

Yes, but it must be delivered to our lab within one hour of ejaculation. Samples should be kept at body temperature. You will also need a sterile sample cup.

My doctor prescribed fertility drugs and I am concerned about the risk of a multiple pregnancy.

Most fertility drugs increase the risk of multiple pregnancy. However, most women who become pregnant after taking fertility drugs will have singleton pregnancies. Careful monitoring with ultrasound and blood tests can reduce the risk of a multiple pregnancy.

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a mild and common condition in which cells that resemble the inside of the uterus grow outside the uterus.

What is premature ovarian failure?

Premature ovarian failure is the loss of ovarian function in women under 40 when menstruation stops and estrogen levels are low, leading to menopausal symptoms. POF is caused by an autoimmune or genetic disorder. POF may be permanent, transient, or intermittent, and residual ovarian function may be present. Some women with POF may produce intermittent estrogen and even ovulate spontaneously or with the help of powerful fertility drugs.

My husband said he tested positive for anti-sperm antibodies. What does it mean?

Antisperm antibodies suggest an immunological basis for infertility.

What is AHA?

AHA (Assisted Hatching) is a reproductive procedure that can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant. Before the embryo is transferred, a small hole is made in the outer layer of the embryo. This allows the embryo to attach properly to the uterine wall, increasing the chances of successful IVF. Recommended for those over the age of 35 or after 2 failed IVF cycles.

What is the average number of embryos transferred?

Your doctor will make a decision after discussing it with you. Usually 2 or 3 embryos are transferred, but the number may vary slightly, depending on the quality of the embryos and the age of the partner.

What are the most common side effects of fertility drugs?

Some of the more common side effects are bloating, hot flashes, and excitement. Local skin reactions at the injection site may occur.

How much does surrogacy in Ukraine cost - package prices?

Surrogacy Package $32,155

Egg donation surrogacy, including IVF - $39,550


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