What is a body composition scale and how does it work? (2023)

AStudy 2016shows a close relationship between the increase in abdominal fat and an increased risk of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. If you're focused on losing some weight to improve your health, consider your body composition. Hisbody compositionIt is the ratio of essential components in your body, such as fat, protein, minerals, and body water.

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The limitation of standard scales

Measuring your body composition regularly is a good place to start to get a better picture of your overall health and whether or not you're meeting your fitness goals. However, using a regular scale to measure your fitness journey may produce inconclusive or incorrect results. Standard scales are designed to display total body weight in kilograms or pounds, but cannot measure real-time changes in body fat and mass. Traditional scales not only take some readings into account, but they also have a large margin of error and can trick you into thinking your fitness journey has stalled.

What is a body composition scale?

A body composition monitor is a device that allows you to accurately measure your body composition and generate reports towards your set goals. The scale considers a number of metrics to calculate fat mass, total body water content, and the percentage of fat in your body. With a body composition monitor like thatScanner 3D StykYou can get accurate measurements of your body, including body shape, in just 35 seconds.

How does a body composition scale work?

A body composition monitor uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to provide comprehensive measurements of your health and fitness progress. The scale uses a safe, minimal electrical current that flows through the body from the base of the scale. Essentially, electrical current flows through body water, fat, and bone muscle mass at different speeds, and the scale measures that speed to calculate how your body is made up of those elements. The body analysis scale evaluates this information using formulas and biological data such as age and gender. Most body scales are designed to provide a large amount of information, including:

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  • metabolisches Alter
  • basal metabolic rate
  • Bone density
  • physical classification
  • muscle quality
  • a lot of muscle
  • body water percentage
  • visceral fat
  • body fat percentage

The advantages of a body composition scale

In addition to the obvious health benefits, investing in the best body composition monitor for your gym has many benefits:

Convenience:Body composition scales are lightweight, safe to use, and provide consistent measurements that allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your scale.exercise program, training and diet over time.

consistency: A body composition monitor ensures that you can weigh yourself at any time of the day and routinely track your progress. Consistency is the key to a successful fitness plan and the scale will help you with that.track your progress in real time.

Easy to use:The best body composition scales provide easy-to-read results displayed on LED screens. The displays are also backlit for easy reading in dark environments. Some scales are designed to automatically sync your data with a mobile health app for an optimized fitness plan.

added features: Unlike free weights and analog scales that only measure weight, body composition scales give you more information about other areas of your body, including body fat, muscle mass, and other metrics related to your health.

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Features to consider when buying a body composition monitor

Somekey featuresAspects to consider when buying an ideal body composition scale:

show: An ideal scale should have a large, clear display that is easy to read when standing on the scale. You can also opt for a wireless display unit that can be mounted on the wall for easy viewing.

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data displayed: The ideal scale should provide comprehensive data about your overall health. The data should be easy to understand and stay on the screen long enough to be easily read. Avoid templates that display information quickly and make it difficult to follow. The best device should allow you to see the data again without having to weigh yourself again.

Check:also checkControls clearly labeled and easy to use. It should also allow for effortless programming and connectivity.

user profile: A proper scale should provide enough profiles or stored records of individual information for all family members/fitness members who use it regularly. Some products on the market offer a guest profile for visitors who want to use the scale. However, you do not need to save the profile permanently.

instructions: The instructions for installation and use must be provided in a simple format that facilitates a quick understanding. The instructions should be accompanied by helpful graphs and tips on how to interpret the results for each variable you are measuring.

innovative properties: Somebody composition scales come with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to track your results through an app or website instead of tracking them with a piece of paper.

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What makes Styku the ideal scale for measuring body composition?

As a gym or fitness center owner looking to improve your businessFirst Class Fitness Equipment, you want an easily portable scale with interactive features that allow your clients to track their progress. The Styku 3D Body Scanner combines cutting-edge technology and design with intuitive features so your clients can easily assess their progress and set fitness goals.

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What is Styku?

Styku is a 3D body shape measurement and visualization tool that uses an array of Kinect-like sensors to create a three-dimensional image of a person's body. The Styku is also a non-invasive body scanner and can scan your body in normal sportswear for quick insight into your overall health.

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contact resource

Here are some features that set Styku apart from the competition:

Interactive 3D images

Styku comes with an impressive interactive 3D viewer that rotates, pans and zooms to allow the user to view their body from any angle. The 3D scanner provides accurate 3D mapping and rendering of your body for accurate data reading, including body shape, body measurements, posture analysis, and more. It also comes with a lightweight, low-square-foot aluminum body that makes it easy to place the machine in your gym.

integrated training

Styku also offers a built-in training feature that allows you to adjust your training frequency and calorie deficit. Within this feature, he can also rank his body fat and compare the results with his fitness peers. In addition, he can set fat loss goals and estimate metabolic rate and calorie consumption.

automated reports

With Styku, you get easy access to automated reports on progress, scans, body composition, and more. The reports provide details on how each biometric changes. Ideally, you can automatically send reports to customers who can open and view them at any time.

High accuracy

Styku's surface scanning system combines precise scanning hardware with a unique calculation algorithm to ensure accurate body composition data. The device's scanning turret uses an infrared system that measures body surface area to an accuracy of 2mm.


With its complete set of components, the unit weighs just 40 pounds and sets up in less than 2 minutes. Whether you're attending races, events, or corporate intelligence programs, you can take your assessments on the go with a custom Styku travel kit device.

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How does Styko work?

Styku is designed for ease of use. Start by asking your customers to stand on the small pedestal, which is about 15cm from the ground, and then face the white pillar that is chest-high. Then activate the machine and the pedal will begin to rotate the person. As it rotates, the abutment continuously scans your body multiple times to create a full three-dimensional view and generate an analyzed body image.

The body image is then sent to an on-board computer to create a comprehensive report with hundreds of body measurements, including body fat percentage, waist, hips, chest and more. Ideally, for users to get the best progress score, they should be encouraged to visit their gym every month for consistent Styku scans.

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The Styku Certification Program

Styku offers a variety of courses and lessons that can quickly turn your employees into certified trainers. With this tool, your team will learn everything from setting up the 3D body scanner to performing 3D body scans and sharing the results with your clients. Full Academy StaffContact-Trainingget onedigital certificateThis helps them build trust and increase their referrals.

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Improve your gym business with Styku

If you're looking for the ideal fitness equipment to help your clients exercise more objectively, a body composition scale can come in handy. An ideal body composition scale is incredibly helpful in providingactionable datathat supports a person's overall goals. Unfortunately, most scales don't tell the whole story about a person's fitness level.

Today Styku helpsGym and Gym Ownersstand out from the competition globally and improve customer loyalty. Investing in 3D body scanning equipment from Styku can help you make 3D body imaging accessible to the average person and keep your customers even as you attract more. You can install Styku in your gym today for $10,000 and earn a return by charging your clients a monthly or yearly fee for Styku exams. You can also allow gym members to use Styku for free as a form of customer loyalty. Visit Styku.com today to learn more.

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